Braj Squad – The Long Journey to Episode 4.


brajpost_small_04brajpost_small_02brajpost_small_01The long-awaited 4th episode of our comedy web series Braj Squad is finally here!  This episode has been almost three years in the making!  It’s release is a very important moment for us since this was the last script written by our friend, Patrick Krainert, before his passing in 2013.  

We wanted to do his work justice on the screen, and the weight of this responsibility was not lost on us.  Part of the reason we took so long making this episode is that we took great care to make it the best that it could be.  

Those of us who knew Patrick best, knew how good he was at making people laugh.  He was a true artist, and that is more evident than ever in this script.  Much of the story here remains exactly as he wrote it three years ago.

Of course, certain elements of the script had to be changed since, originally, the character played by Patrick was a big part of this episode.  It took several sessions of the writing team putting their heads together, adding to the groundwork of Patrick’s original script until we settled upon a final version that we thought best preserved the story that he wanted to tell, while adding the voices of some new characters who will carry this series into the future.  It was a monumental task taken on by the writing team, consisting of original cast and crew members: Ryan Organ, David M. Williamson, Jon Keyes and Ryan Cass, joined by new cast members: Ryan Dennan and Matthew Loewenstein.  

From start to finish, this episode was a real team effort that we are extremely proud of.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it.

You can watch the episode in the window below, or you can find it on our YouTube channel, here.


Just in time for the holidays, the last episode of the 2015 season of Crossing The Line is now available for viewing on our YouTube page.  Watch it here.


In this episode, Mike Willing joins Ryan and Josh to countdown the Top 10 Fast Food Chains in America based on the Customer Satisfaction Index.  Do they agree with America’s picks?  Watch now to find out.

Other highlights from this episode include:

  • A mystery “Drink of the Week”
  • The most regrettable thing they have ever ate
  • 3 more entries into Josh’s Horrible Book Club


EP4WebThumbIn the new episode of Crossing The Line, singer and vocal coach, Steffi Price joins Josh and Ryan to discuss:

  • Just how bad are Ryan and Josh’s vocal skills?
  • The hacking scandal, and the future of online dating.
  • Some of the lesser-known, and oddly specific dating sites in the deepest, darkest corners of the internet.
  • 3 more disturbing entries into Josh’s new favorite segment, the “Horrible Book Club”.

You can watch the episode here.




The third episode of Crossing The Line is now available on our YouTube channel!  Watch it here.


In Josh’s first episode back since getting married, he and Rocco are joined by New Pilgrim Cider Company Co-Founder, Sean Tremblay in the studio to embarrass themselves yet again.  Some of the wide ranges of topics they cover are:

  • How the New Pilgrim Cider Company is using a time-honored American Tradition to find new ways of getting hammered
  • 2015, the summer of sequels and remakes in the movies
  • Etiquette concerning “towels” in the bedroom
  • Josh’s sick/twisted version of Reading Rainbow

We hope you enjoy the show!


The first official episode of “Crossing The Line” is upon us!  You can watch it now on our YouTube channel by clicking the link here.

This episode features a guest appearance from a familiar face.  David M. Williamson stops by to talk skateboarding, landscape architecture, and help Josh ambush Rocco with a surprise play-through of the horror video game P.T.  A genre which Rocco has no experience with, nor appreciation for.  It’s bound to be an eventful evening as the guys kick of this new series in style … or lack of style, depending on your standards.




Promo1From the minds of Producers Joshua Holland, Rocco, and Ryan Cass comes “CROSSING THE LINE”, a new Web Series produced by Cana Pictures.  This new show, done in the format of a video podcast, features guest appearances from local artists, musicians and other interesting folks.  You can expect a variety of regular segments like “drink of the week”, and “horrible book club”, along with a healthy dose of drunken ramblings and Christopher Walken impressions.  But, the most exciting thing about this show is we never really know what is going to happen, and pretty much anything goes.

The first episode will be up very soon.  Until then, you can get a taste of what this show has to offer by watching a sneak preview here.  If you like what you see, stay up to date by subscribing to our YouTube channel, and liking our facebook page. Updates will be posted about the release of Episode 1 there.